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Welcome to carriechester.com! Here you’ll find all the latest updates on The Dark Series, including expected release dates, how and where to buy, and maybe even a sneak peek or two. 😉 You’ll probably find me blogging randomly about the things that interest me, especially about the publishing world and books in general. But most of all I’m hoping to build a nice “freebie” section over time, where you’ll find things like short stories delving into the history of the characters, wallpapers, discount coupons, and other goodies.

In the meantime please excuse catching this poor site in its underwear, so to speak. It might look like the nerdy kid with asthma and beer-bottle glasses right now, but give it time and I hope I’ll be able to present it to you as the new kid with the cool hair that you almost think you know.



One thought on “Welcome to carriechester.com

  1. Well done, Carrie. Great site. I’m looking forwards to seeing the short story at the end of the month. The site might still be in its underwear, but it’s top of the range Marks & Spencer’s.

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