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On Feelings of Inadequacy ?>

On Feelings of Inadequacy

It’s not often that I come upon something, be it book, TV, or film, that is so mind-blowingly brilliant it makes me hesitate to write, but in the past couple of weeks it’s happened to me in the form of the new Netflix series Sense8. It’s an odd situation to be in, and possibly unique to creatives in general – on the one hand, we’re excited to find something that engages us on so many levels, but on the other,…

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Out of Egypt Coming Soon ?>

Out of Egypt Coming Soon

WARNING: Last Paragraph Contains Mild Spoilers It’s been a bitch of a year for me. I say that not to elicit sympathy but to explain, a little, where Book 2 has got to. If you’ve read my latest posts on this blog then you’ll know a little of what’s been going on, but there have been other things I haven’t talked about; my ex-fiancé coming to me with his problems concerning a new girlfriend (and more often than not crying…

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The Avanta/JobCentre Saga, Part 2 ?>

The Avanta/JobCentre Saga, Part 2

This is Part 2 of the story I began last night. Writing it down like this, it’s made me realise just how unbelievable it all sounds. Because it gets worse. Really. On 3rd July I received a letter from Avanta, the people who conduct the work-focused interviews, telling me they’d made me an appointment for 28th July. Yeah, they really held off, didn’t they? I phoned them and politely enquired if this could be a mistake because I’d been told…

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Something I Need To Get Off My Chest ?>

Something I Need To Get Off My Chest

I wrote this post as a draft on 17th June, but chickened out on posting it because I hate to sound like I’m whining. Let’s face it, people that read this want to know about the books, not this sort of thing. But in the end I decided to post it because I would rather sound like I’m whining than have people think I’m simply lazy! There are things happening in my life that are taking away from my work…

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On Attitudes ?>

On Attitudes

I’ve always had an attitude problem. I’m not bothered by that, just stating a fact. My mother is always telling me I’m a natural-born rebel, and that I’m a hard bitch – affectionately speaking, of course. I think she sometimes regrets just how hard I’ve become, although she would never say it. But it’s how I’ve survived being so out of step with the rest of my generation; how I’ve coped with always disagreeing with the norm, with liking underground…

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My Virtual Twin ?>

My Virtual Twin

These past few months writing Alpha, I have to admit I’ve missed Alice terribly. Although she isn’t me, there are places where our lives touch. When I first dreamt of Dark and the Temple, it was me waking in that bed with the red sheets. It was me that discovered Atwater’s cache of vampire blood behind her study wall. So I suppose it was only natural that when it came time to externalise the experience and find the character who…

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My Take on the Censorship of e-Books by Amazon, Kobo, and WHSmith ?>

My Take on the Censorship of e-Books by Amazon, Kobo, and WHSmith

There’s been tons in the media this week regarding the mass panic of companies such as WHSmith and Kobo, and the ridiculous solution they came up with to prevent potentially damaging erotica from being sold through their websites. Their answer was not to pull all erotica titles until they’ve been screened, which would have been understandable, but to pull ALL self-published books regardless of genre or content. Meanwhile, many trad-pub novels with similar content has escaped the cull unscathed. I…

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Progress Report, and a New Subscription Service ?>

Progress Report, and a New Subscription Service

This past six months, you might have noticed I’ve been working on two books – entirely by accident, as one was only meant to be a *cough* short story. It’s one of my failings as a writer that things grow on me; I’ve never been able to write short stories unless they are tied into a larger franchise – and sometimes, not even then. Books, by and large, take a lot of work, and they’re going to take the same…

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Progress ?>


Alpha has been a nightmare to write. Some stories spring, fully formed, from the pen; others must be cobbled painstakingly together, a patchwork quilt whose stitches come undone the moment they are sewed. The first incarnation of this story-turned-novella was a disaster: I knew it, even when I gave it to my mother, my Ideal Reader, to look over. I found myself apologising for it, for goodness’ sake. I’d never done that before. She confirmed what I’d known all along:…

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A Wonderful Use of Literature ?>

A Wonderful Use of Literature

I recently had a reviewer wonder why I’d included so many references to H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, and I didn’t immediately blog anything in explanation because I worried I would be giving away important plot details for later books if I did. But I’ve just found a wonderful short vampire story by Gahan Wilson, called The Sea Was Wet As Wet Could Be, and not only did I love it, it also allowed me the perfect forum in…

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