Some Sneek Peeks at “Out of Egypt” ?>

Some Sneek Peeks at “Out of Egypt”


If you visit the static pages on this site regularly, you might have spotted an update on Out of Egypt‘s page that features the entire Prologue available to read for free. But that’s only one of the peeks I promised, and here’s some more.

For the two years since Dark first came to me in a dream, I have to admit I had no idea what his real name was. He was like the Doctor or Spock in that respect – always he insisted that it wouldn’t help me to know. But finally, when I sat down to write Alpha and he couldn’t hide it from me anymore, he told me what it was. I’d always know his life story, as well as I know my own, but this last piece came only because it had to. When Out of Egypt and Alpha hit the virtual shelves, you’ll know, too.

While Alpha is a distilled moment in time, a bubble universe, almost, sealed off in the past like a road you can’t turn back on, Out of Egypt is  a mutable thing. Dark’s past, and Alice’s, will both surface again in Book 2 not as something done but as something still very much alive. We’ll find out about Dark’s family and how he came to be a streetkid in the first place; we’ll learn that there is so much more to Alice and Dark’s reasons for choosing her than meets the eye. The relationship between them has always been, and will always be, central to the story of the Temple and its secrets . . . and never more so than when their own secrets come round again to bite them in the arse.

I am still struggling with my health, and the struggle seems to get a little worse every week. I’m doing all I can to meet my deadline because I know how terrible it is to need to know what happens next (I’ve been in enough fandoms in my time, lol) but if, for any reason, I can’t make it, I’m considering releasing it in installments for registered users of this site, followed by a complete ebook and paperback release when it’s done. That’s only a contingency plan and hopefully it won’t need to be used, but the thing I always hated most about having a chronic health problem is letting people down. If I can possibly avoid it, then I will.

Until then, keep reading (not just me but anything and everything). I’m currently reading Sabella by Tanith Lee, and listening to Silver Wedding by Maeve Binchy, and loving every minute!


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