Revised Edition of “Dark” Now Available ?>

Revised Edition of “Dark” Now Available


If you previously bought or downloaded a free promotional copy of Dark from the Kindle Store, then you might like to know that an update is now available for free. You can get the update by going to the Manage My Kindle section of your Amazon account. This edition corrects many minor grammatical and formatting problems (many of which, I admit, were simply me being pedantic again!), but if you got your copy during the first week of release back in December 2012 then the Revised Edition might be of particular interest to you. The earliest version received generally positive reviews but enough felt that the beginning was slow for me to do something about it, and the opening two chapters were completely rewritten to speed up the action as much as possible.

This edition is now the final one and is the version that will be available in paperback and from other ebook retailers from the 24th March. I know what I’m like and given the opportunity I would probably fiddle with it till the cows came home, but I think now it’s time to sit on my hands, learn from George Lucas’ mistakes, and leave well enough alone.

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