Out of Egypt Is Finally Coming . . . ?>

Out of Egypt Is Finally Coming . . .

This is probably going to shock a lot of you (it shocked me, lol) but I’m actually at a place where I’m ready to release Out of Egypt. I hate how long it’s taken, as I know how unfair it is on all of you – but I have learned a few things along the way that might make a difference in how quickly I write from now on.

I say ‘ready for release’, but that’s not to say it will be coming out immediately. It’s a sad truth that the publishing game relies on strategy every bit as much as on the material you’re trying to sell, and there are certain things I have to do to ensure that Out of Egypt gets the best chance possible. It’s been a very long time since Dark was riding at No:20 in the Amazon horror charts, and that means it’s sunk down the listings without a trace. Word-of-mouth has likewise faded. So, in an effort to get the whole shebang back into the public’s consciousness, I’m going to be releasing a revised edition of Dark as a free download (obviously the free download window is limited to five days by Amazon, after which it will be back to its regular price). I’m hoping this will encourage some new readers ahead of Out of Egypt, and perhaps re-acquint old readers with it as well.

Following that I’ll be putting up Out of Egypt as a pre-order for a short time (the reasons for this are terribly boring, it’s all to do with how sales rank is calculated for release week) and you’ll have it very, very soon. I just hope that after all this time, it was worth the wait! I think it will reveal quite a few answers to questions raised in Dark, and ask a whole lot of new questions in their place.



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