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Out of Egypt Coming Soon

WARNING: Last Paragraph Contains Mild Spoilers

It’s been a bitch of a year for me. I say that not to elicit sympathy but to explain, a little, where Book 2 has got to. If you’ve read my latest posts on this blog then you’ll know a little of what’s been going on, but there have been other things I haven’t talked about; my ex-fiancé coming to me with his problems concerning a new girlfriend (and more often than not crying on me or needing comfort sex when the cow dumped him); the bills continuing to go up while our income was being threatened; all on top of my extreme allergic reactions to something that nearly put me in hospital and the song-and-dance I was led by the DWP. All in all, it’s been a bitch of a year.

But the trouble with the DWP has, for now, been put to bed. I worked out what I was allergic to (my own painkillers, go figure) and have new ones that seem to be working out well. The ex-fiancé has had time to get over the daft girl that gave him the runaround and my father is contributing a bit more to household expenses (before now Mum and I paid for almost everything). So finally I’m in a place where I can get back to work and thanks to my teaching myself to type directly into my iPad rather than doing everything longhand, I can produce large chunks of work in a fraction of the time.

I have around 60,000 words actually down, along with perhaps another 10,000 that can be reclaimed from cut scenes and rewritten to use in Out of Egypt. Another 20,000 on top of that, and it’s done. Of course that’s an estimate, but I’m looking at maybe a dozen scenes left to do. It’s really getting there at last. I’m always loathe to give exact release dates (me and Linkin Park, lol, at least I’m in good company) but if it’s more than two months I’ll be sorely surprised.

And I’m pleased with the way it’s going, so far; there’s a couple of really juicy sex scenes (one of which may surprise you, lol), plenty of action, a new kind of vampire and an old enemy returned from Dark’s past. Alice finds herself questioning the new life she has chosen, and will ultimately have to discover for herself if she loves Dark enough to give up everything for him. And she will learn, too, just what the secret surrounding her parents’ death and Dark’s interest in her really is . . . who she really is.

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