On Feelings of Inadequacy ?>

On Feelings of Inadequacy

It’s not often that I come upon something, be it book, TV, or film, that is so mind-blowingly brilliant it makes me hesitate to write, but in the past couple of weeks it’s happened to me in the form of the new Netflix series Sense8.

It’s an odd situation to be in, and possibly unique to creatives in general – on the one hand, we’re excited to find something that engages us on so many levels, but on the other, we start to wonder if what we’re ourselves contributing is really worth it. Artists in any field often find themselves disillusioned with the recreational arts available to us; we can’t read a book or watch a film without subconsciously editing it or, at worst, tearing it apart. I’ve found the field of authors that I enjoy reading has shrunk over the years, and even on screen I often see plot holes that others don’t, and it jerks me out of the moment. So to find something that is, to my mind, perfect, is both exhilarating and worrying.

For two weeks now I’ve not wanted to touch Out of Egypt, because I know I could never make it as good as the Wachowskis and J. Michael Stracynski have made Sense8 (which by the way, if you haven’t seen it and have access to Netflix, is absolutely worth the subscription all by itself). Today I actually woke up to find that the feeling has faded, somewhat, and I know I’ll be able to work this afternoon – hence this blog post. But it’s been a confusing experience, to say the least.

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