Introducing Jenna Grey ?>

Introducing Jenna Grey

I don’t blog about other authors often (which is a bad habit and I really must break it) but this one gets special treatment for a pretty obvious reason: she’s my mother. It’s great having two authors in the family; you get to discuss all the things that only other authors or very avid readers understand, and gripe about how hard it is (lol).

She’s a little different to me in style, I think. More contemporary, and more humourous, but if you like fantasy and erotica in the vein of Anita Blake then they’re definitely for you. She currently has six books in her first series, Tamarei, on sale, and is working on Book 1 of her new series, Fortunata, right now (literally: she’s in the conservatory with her iPad and I’m in bed with mine). She writes much faster than me so if you like to glut on a whole series in one go, then you’re in luck.

You can read all about them over at her website,, and find links etc., along with sample chapters, her blog, and other goodies. Yes, I did build her website – she liked the design of mine so much she wanted the same!

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