I Have a Favour to Ask ?>

I Have a Favour to Ask

I have a favour to ask of my friends and readers, a small one that will only take a few minutes of your time.

A little over two months ago, a reviewer trashed Dark on the grounds that it had “mistake after mistake grammatically and in spelling”. Now, the version available at the time had about half a dozen mistakes, so I can only conclude this American reader didn’t know of the many differences between UK and US English and so counted them as errors. Whatever the case, she did a lot of damage.

Since then I’ve revised the book to the point of extinction ready for the paperback release, and I would swear categorically that there’s not a mistake to be found in all 166,000 words. But even though that’s the case and the item now on sale is as error-free as any 166,000 word book could possibly be, that review still sits on the page, telling customers there’s something wrong with the book that blatantly isn’t. Amazon refuse to remove it, despite my citing it as libellous, and of course I’ll be seeking legal advice next . . . but if my friends here would be willing to follow this link and report the review in question as inappropriate, on the grounds that you can’t see any mistakes, it might be enough to make Amazon remove it without a Cease and Desist from a solicitor (which will be my next step). It’s the 2-star one titled mistakes. If you haven’t done this before, under it there’s a blue link that says “Report Abuse”. You can also downvote the review as unhelpful or add a comment if you want, but I know time is short for people and I’m certainly not expecting it!

Obviously I don’t want anyone to lie, lol – take a peek at the Look Inside if you want to make sure it *is* error-free before doing anything, and if you *do* find a mistake, of course I want to know about it!

I really don’t have a problem with the negative reviews in general; you can see on the page that there are some who simply didn’t find it to their taste but I’m not attempting to have those removed. On Amazon.co.uk I’ve had nothing but 5 stars, so I’m happy to accept that it’s something to do with different national tastes and no reflection on me – but this review is damaging to my reputation and is, more importantly, misleading customers in a bad way.

If the original reviewer is reading this, I did try to contact you when the new version became available, to ask if you would look at the update and consider editing your review, but I couldn’t find any contact details on your profile page and didn’t know what to do.

If you do have a minute to do this for me, then thank you! I’ve tried to go through the proper channels with Amazon only to be sent a standard form-letter stating they won’t remove it because it doesn’t violate their Terms & Conditions. The thing is, it does. The Amazon Review Guidelines clearly state: “Customer reviews should be relevant to the product in question.” Since the edition on sale is different from the one the reviewer is talking about, it’s a different product, surely? And in this case, no longer relevant.

Again, if you can take a moment to do this for me, thank you. I’ll try to find some way of repaying you!

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