Countdown to “Out of Egypt” ?>

Countdown to “Out of Egypt”

It’s funny – I know there are authors out there that engage with people online on a daily basis, and here I am popping out of the woodwork every few months with nothing much to say. I think there are several reasons for this, but the main one is really the biggest: I don’t want to look like an arsehole. That’s not to say that chatting online every day makes other authors automatic arseholes, far from it! I’ve interacted with and followed a fair few and they are genuinely engaging, lovely people. It’s just a fear of mine, that once I start to talk about writing I’ll get so wrapped up in the technical side of things that I’ll come off as arrogant. It would be so easy to blog about the problems I had with last week’s finale of The Walking Dead, for instance (let’s face it, everyone else has, lol), but in the process I might forget that any writer can make mistakes. I might genuinely become so certain of the faults in another’s work that I can’t see the gaping holes in my own.

Which is just a very long-winded way of apologising for the radio silence, and pathing the way for that to change. I’m fast approaching a place now where I have either already off-loaded or am in the process of off-loading various committments, and will finally have the time to be Carrie Chester in earnest (yes, it’s a pen name). I have as few as half a dozen scenes left to write before Out of Egypt can go into pre-order, and some newly-acquired WordPress skills that will come in handy revamping this website in the run-up to release. I might sneak in a little preview or two. And I might even get out of my own way enough to blog about things that interest me! So watch this space, and don’t be surprised if things start happening very, very soon!

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