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About “Alpha”, and Progress on “Out of Egypt” ?>

About “Alpha”, and Progress on “Out of Egypt”

The last few weeks, I have to admit I’ve run into a bit of a problem. Something about Alpha just isn’t working; it’s like the more I look at it, the more I realise it was never intended to stand alone and would only work as part of a longer piece. Maybe I’m simply making a mistake in splitting it in two: the first half of the story is depressing as all get-out and the second half isn’t. It’s like…

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All About Tastes ?>

All About Tastes

If you’ve looked in on my item pages for Dark on Amazon, you might have noticed the title change in the past couple of days. It’s the same book title, but now it says Juiced Edition. It’s time to explain why. Since December and the first release of Dark, I’ve noticed an odd thing. Something that I probably should have anticipated, but which is hard to really expect unless you’ve lived in both the UK and the US, which I…

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Revised Edition of “Dark” Now Available ?>

Revised Edition of “Dark” Now Available

  If you previously bought or downloaded a free promotional copy of Dark from the Kindle Store, then you might like to know that an update is now available for free. You can get the update by going to the Manage My Kindle section of your Amazon account. This edition corrects many minor grammatical and formatting problems (many of which, I admit, were simply me being pedantic again!), but if you got your copy during the first week of release…

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