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Thank You ?>

Thank You

Before I set my nose to the grindstone today, I want to take time out to say thank you. Earlier this month I had a sudden splurge of sales, and I woke this morning to find that not only had it happened again, but I had a wonderful 5-star review on, three new registrations on this site, and a request that the Juiced Edition be made available again. It knocked me for six, getting so much encouragement in one…

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A Kindred Spirit and a Blog I Wish Every Reader Would Visit ?>

A Kindred Spirit and a Blog I Wish Every Reader Would Visit

I know my last two blogs here have been somewhat . . . down. Over several months I’ve slowly been discovering something about a number of modern readers which I never suspected: They don’t like series. This genuinely flummoxed me because there’s nothing I like better than to engage with a world and its inhabitants, make friends with them, and come back to visit again and again. I’m re-reading The Vampire Chronicles right now for just that reason. So it’s…

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Is the Internet Review System Flawed? ?>

Is the Internet Review System Flawed?

Okay, I give up. There’s been much debate amongst author forums as to whether customer reviews are a good or a bad thing, and I think most of us were kind of on the fence about it. When you get good ones they’re a massive incentive; when you get balanced and constructive criticism they can be extremely helpful. But then there’s the bad ones that are unimpressed because they’ve misunderstood something, and that can be damaging. I’m afraid it’s happened…

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Cliffhangers: Or, What Do You Do If the Book’s Too Long ?>

Cliffhangers: Or, What Do You Do If the Book’s Too Long

For a very long time, I’ve kept my mouth (or my laptop!) shut about some of the reviews for Dark. Before I go any further, let me say first that I’m eminently grateful for the time people take to write such things, because when they’re well-reasoned and clearly put they can be an enormous help in working out what it is that people want. My own reading habits are somewhat unusual in the modern day; it’s easy for me to…

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All About Tastes ?>

All About Tastes

If you’ve looked in on my item pages for Dark on Amazon, you might have noticed the title change in the past couple of days. It’s the same book title, but now it says Juiced Edition. It’s time to explain why. Since December and the first release of Dark, I’ve noticed an odd thing. Something that I probably should have anticipated, but which is hard to really expect unless you’ve lived in both the UK and the US, which I…

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I Have a Favour to Ask ?>

I Have a Favour to Ask

I have a favour to ask of my friends and readers, a small one that will only take a few minutes of your time. A little over two months ago, a reviewer trashed Dark on the grounds that it had “mistake after mistake grammatically and in spelling”. Now, the version available at the time had about half a dozen mistakes, so I can only conclude this American reader didn’t know of the many differences between UK and US English and…

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