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Introducing Jenna Grey ?>

Introducing Jenna Grey

I don’t blog about other authors often (which is a bad habit and I really must break it) but this one gets special treatment for a pretty obvious reason: she’s my mother. It’s great having two authors in the family; you get to discuss all the things that only other authors or very avid readers understand, and gripe about how hard it is (lol). She’s a little different to me in style, I think. More contemporary, and more humourous, but…

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A Wonderful Use of Literature ?>

A Wonderful Use of Literature

I recently had a reviewer wonder why I’d included so many references to H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, and I didn’t immediately blog anything in explanation because I worried I would be giving away important plot details for later books if I did. But I’ve just found a wonderful short vampire story by Gahan Wilson, called The Sea Was Wet As Wet Could Be, and not only did I love it, it also allowed me the perfect forum in…

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Sleeping Beauty, Winged Demons, and a Curse ?>

Sleeping Beauty, Winged Demons, and a Curse

  I’ve always loved the more esoteric kinds of vampire fiction, and I suppose it’s just my nature to seek out those things that few have discovered. It makes it feel somehow private, intimate, mine. Of course I’ve got every volume of The Vampire Chronicles and Anita Blake, I’ve read Dracula several times and I even ventured into the earliest known vampire novel, Carmilla. But there are some favourites of mine I have a feeling are less well-known, or less…

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