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On Attitudes ?>

On Attitudes

I’ve always had an attitude problem. I’m not bothered by that, just stating a fact. My mother is always telling me I’m a natural-born rebel, and that I’m a hard bitch – affectionately speaking, of course. I think she sometimes regrets just how hard I’ve become, although she would never say it. But it’s how I’ve survived being so out of step with the rest of my generation; how I’ve coped with always disagreeing with the norm, with liking underground…

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Getting Beyond a Joke ?>

Getting Beyond a Joke

Today has been a funny old day. Early this afternoon one of my favourite authors, Joanne Harris, tweeted that a story called Taken by the T-Rex was at #677 in Amazon’s sales rankings. Her only comment to the story was *headdesk*. I nearly always follow links that she posts, and so naturally I followed this one. Imagine my surpise when I was presented with a seventeen-page monstrosity about a prehistoric girl being ravished by a T-Rex. I mean, you just…

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Introducing Jenna Grey ?>

Introducing Jenna Grey

I don’t blog about other authors often (which is a bad habit and I really must break it) but this one gets special treatment for a pretty obvious reason: she’s my mother. It’s great having two authors in the family; you get to discuss all the things that only other authors or very avid readers understand, and gripe about how hard it is (lol). She’s a little different to me in style, I think. More contemporary, and more humourous, but…

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